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October 28, 2010
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Legend of the Rainbow Serpent by screwbald Legend of the Rainbow Serpent by screwbald
Art for FurtherConfusion's sponsor/patron print. With their theme of "Southern Crossing," one of the first things that came to my mind was the Rainbow Serpent legends of Australia. There are countless variations to the creation myths, and here's another:

A long time ago, in the Dreamtime...

Before there were men or animals, plants or any other thing, there was the Rainbow Serpent. She was the mother of us all. She moved around in the darkness before there was the sun and the moon in the sky, and her heavy, winding body created the mountain ranges and deep channels. Where she thrashed her tail, great rifts appeared, and there were great hallows where her body had lain sleeping.

After a time, the Rainbow Serpent decided that it was time to create life for the world. So at the place called Uluru, she gave birth. She gave birth to the Frog tribe and the Kingfisher tribe. But the Kingfisher people couldnít see to fly and the Frog people didnít have any water to live in.

The Rainbow serpent told the Kingfisher people what they must do. The Kingfisher flew up into the sky and shot down at the Rainbow Serpentís head, splitting it in twain with his long, sharp beak. Out of her stomach leaped all the animal tribes of the world and all the spirit beings.

The sun leaped up into the sky to light the world for the tribes, and the moon jumped up to take his place in the night sky.

The Frog tribe started singing as the blood of the Serpent flowed out of her body and into the channels cut by her travels, and into the deep chasms to become the sea. The vibrant rainbow-coloured scales of the Serpent flew up into the sky to become a colorful flock of birds. The image of her colours was left on the sky as the rainbow, the reminder to all the tribes of their common mother.
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YingYangWolfacus Nov 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Your art is amazing by the way.
It's fascinating how cultures (before the advent of modern science) imagined the creation of the world. I've never ever heard of the rainbow serpent myth before, so this was great. It's a fun piece of work. 
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It's such a lovely picture!
that is cool :D you should lookup the "Grandma Possum" cookbooks and stories. Can remember the artists name but I felt your style is similar ;)
Love the art work mate!
I wasn't aware of the 'rainbow serpent' stories of the aboriginee's, maybe I'll have to start looking into them a bit.
Thanks for capturing my imagination friend!
That story kinda reminds me of jurassic park "God creates dinosaur, God destroys dinosaur, God creates man, man kills God, man creates dinosaur" No dinos, but similar concept. I think you've illustrated the story quite well, well, the story of the telling of the story at least. ^^
Oh, this artwork is so great - such wonderful expressions on the creatures' faces and so detailed. I love Australian mythology. Super !!!
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