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Time to hit you with something out of the blue!

A project of mine has just started its KickStarter, and I think you may be interested!

What am I talking about?? A card game. A card game we've had in secret for seven years.

It's called Room Party, and it's pretty awesome.
[Here's the KickStarter link if you don't even want to bother reading any more. I don't blame you. You can trust me when I say it's awesome.]

After years of working a wide variety of conventions big and small, from ComicCon to AnthroCon, and as well as attending dozens of different SciFi, anime, brony, furry, and comic cons—we've met a lot of crazy characters. During that time, we've ended up in a lot of hotel room parties, hanging out with tons of different types from all walks of geek culture.

The idea of Room Party is to take what makes those weird shindigs either awesome or horrifying, and turn it into a hilarious interactive experience for your next soirée.

The goal is simple: Build the most awesome room party at the convention.
[Click here to watch the KickStarter video, see cards, and learn more!]

One thing that really makes Room Party unique is the hilarious narrative which naturally develops every time you play. For instance, you may have a party where the Booth Bunny shows up and brings her Hot Girlfriend, but then an Awkward Boner causes Drama, and they flee the room to the next party over--or someone may drop the Pet Tiger into your party, which it kind of upsetting when it starts to maul people--but at least it's better than the "balcony incident" and that accidental death. There are over 160 cards, such as booze, online aliases, creepers, collectors, cosplayers, noise complaints, fresh towels, ghosters, wizards, fursuits, elevator lines, and so much more!

Endless combinations make each game unfold into a unique and awesome (and often disturbing) convention party!

[Here's the Kickstarter again] which has images, more info, a video, and lots of funding levels with lots of cool stuff!

A little history…
This game has been years in the making. The first draft started as a drunken joke more than seven years ago, something to poke fun at ourselves and the geek cultures we identified with. We'd play it at conventions with friends at parties, with onlookers crowding in and asking to play the next round. The rumor of it grew, so we kept adding and improving to it. Now it's ready for its first public appearance! It retains its original foundation of real-life experience, a little convention myth, and a whole lot of snarky, good natured fun.

While we designed the game, Mandi Tremblay has stepped in to do the artwork, since she does wicked caricatures. Another friend, Jack, asked to jump in as a producer and turn this into something more. With his help, we refined the game. He wrangled the Kickstarter and got us where we are now!
Please take a look, drop a little toward funding if you like—but no matter what, thanks! :]
[Click for KICKSTARTER page!]

(PS--one of our "unannounced" stretch goals is the Furry Expansion, which we will do the artwork for. Should it come to be, I guarantee it will be amazing. Accidental vore, SPHs, plushies, fursuit piles, tails, parades and…well, I hope we get there!)
dahowlers Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013
I haven't been online in forever so I missed the kickstarter, but is there another way to order it? :3
insert0name00000 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
=) =) =D =D
AlexORio Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
omg, that sounds like a lot of fun! I need to get more con buddies!
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